Solway Spinner Pre-Event Information

Venue Details

Morton Community Centre
Wigton Road

On-the-day emergency contact: 07857 842 052

Event Times

Venue Opens: 07:00
Registration Opens: 07:30
Last Registration: 09:00
Last Finish Time: 16:30

Start Window: 08:00 – 09:15


There are limited parking spaces within the Morton Manor carpark. If the carpark is full, you will be directed to park further along Wigton Road. Please be mindful of residents and be sure not to block any driveways when you park up.


The event venue will open at 07:00 to allow riders to prepare for the ride. Please do not arrive before this time.

Registration will be in Morton Manor, at the bar and will open at 07:30. The last registration will be at 09:00. On arrival, report to registration with your helmet and identification to collect your rider number.



Once registered, you can prepare for the ride. Please remember the following things:

Essential Items

Every rider should carry basic tools, spare inner tubes and a pump/co2 in the event of a mechanical breakdown or puncture. We also recommend the wearing of high-visibility clothing and use of front and rear lights.

Your bicycle should be road legal and road worthy. At a minimum we recommend checking your bike before every ride using the ‘M Check’ method. More information on checking your bike can be found here:

Food & Drink

There will be feed stations at the designated places along the route, however you should carry enough food and drink to last you the ride.

Bike Number & Wristband

Attach your rider number to the front of the bike for clear visibility. Attach your wristband to your wrist – you must wear this for the duration of the event in order to get food/fluids at the feed stop and finish line!


When ready, head towards the start to begin your ride. Here you will receive your final briefing before being set off in small groups at 2-minute intervals. Take care when exiting the venue and enjoy your ride!

Course Signage

Once you leave the event centre, please follow the route signage. Although the route is fully marked, you should familiarise yourself with the map prior to the event day. We also recommend downloading the route via the Ride With GPS website and uploading it to your phone and/or cycling computer if possible.

Directional Signs

The route is marked using white arrows on a black background. These arrows will direct you around the route and will be placed mainly at junctions and turnings.

Caution Signs

These signs will be used where appropriate to warn of oncoming hazards. Examples of use include (but are not limited to) hidden junctions, sharp descents and busy road crossings. A full route risk assessment will available at the event HQ.

Feed Station

Feed Station Details

Silloth Community Hall
Petteril St

Location on Route

The feed station is 55km (34miles) into the route. It is an opportunity to top-up water bottles as well as take on some food. Feed stations should supplement your carried food and should not be used as your only source of nutrition.

Support/Broom Wagon

A broom wagon will follow the route after all riders have started, to assist in any problems along the way and to make sure no riders are left out on the route. This cannot be used as a personal lift service and any lift offered may be subject to following the rest of the route back to the event centre.

Finish Line

Please take care when turning into the venue to finish. Collect your finisher gift at the finish tent and then head inside to the bar to exchange your wristband for a bacon butty and brew! (served from 12:00)